Guest Post Guidelines


Are you looking to share your expertise with an audience of interior designers, home decorators and household improvements through unique artistry? Then you are at the right place – we are now accepting guest posts.

The shark decor blog features insightful content in the space of home decor, interior designs, and household improvements through latest gadgets and unique artistry. 

To help you traverse the article, below is the table of contents. Reading Sections A to E should tell you if our blog is a good fit for you.

Shark Decor Guest Post Guideline

A) Guest Posts Topics:

Here’s a list of topics which we are accepting right now for guest posts:

1. Actionable articles across any home decor and home improvement framework.

2. Home improvement tools and gadgets reviews and guides.

3. Seasonal, Traditional, Festival articles relating to home decor and home improvements.

4. How to articles on home decor and household fixed/ DIY home repair, and home improvements via latest gadgets and technology.

5. Home decor for pet and pet home products reviews and guide for pet house decor.

B) Here’s how you can get your posts published:

1. Only original, unpublished work is accepted. And we don’t publish the ‘same old’ content. So please ensure that whatever you have in mind isn’t already covered in our blog. Just go to our search bar and check if a similar post exists.

2. Share a summary:

Send us upto 300-word summary of your article, along with the chosen topic and your author bio, and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours with a confirmation if it’s a fit or not. email the summary to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest post, and your name”.

3. Stick to our guidelines:

Upon receiving confirmation, kindly adhere strictly to the guidelines while writing a guest post article for shark decor.


Submitted articles should generally be between 600 and 1800 words. We cannot offer to pay for contributed posts, but if they’re engaging to readers and useful to our audience, we will energetically promote them, just like any other posts that runs on our site.

4. Email us the article after acceptance!

Send via email complete, unpublished articles only, intended strictly for Shark Decor section, to submissions [email protected] Please no pitches, abstracts, outlines, press releases, or interview offers. And please no phone calls.

C) What’s in it for you?

You get a do-follow link to your website. Promotion across SharkDecor’s social media channels and newsletter subscribers.

D) Guest Post guidelines:

Only original, unpublished work is accepted, and the post must be relevant and insightful to the reader, the post must also be fluent, readable, and error-free. There must be proper attribution of data, quotations, and reference to outside content.

You’re allowed only one link (do-follow) to your company’s website, in the author’s bio, and no other links to your website in the article body. If you’re convinced, here’s what we expect content-wise:


Submissions are reviewed approximately once a week, and the process is selective. Due to high volumes, we’re unable to respond to all submissions. If you don’t receive a response within two week of submitting, it’s safe to assume that your piece was not selected for publication. Following up will not speed up our review process or improve the likelihood of a post’s acceptance. We’re unable to give feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication.

For posts which we do choose to publish the following guidelines apply:

1. All articles are subject to editing.

2. Headlines and subheads are subject to change.

3. Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.

4. Links may be added for context.

5. Art will be added at the discretion of Shark Decor staff.

6. Articles may or may not be promoted across Shark Decor’s family of sites, on our home page, newsletters, and via our social feeds.

8. Shark Decor may permit a select number of partner outlets to syndicate contributed articles that we’ve published originally.

Shark Decor requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for six (6) to twelve(12) business days, after which time they may be reprinted in part or in full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on Shark Decor Dot Com. To repurpose or use shark decor articles for commercial purposes, please contact us via contact us form available on our website

E) Formatting and content guidelines:

Send your content in a Google Doc and give access to [email protected]

The article must be over 1200 words.

Always use simple sentences, for example – 20 words per sentence is a good thumb-rule,

to avoid unnecessary filler words, and stay away from buzzwords and jargon

Paragraphs, which should be no more than 3 to 5 sentences long,

Use H2, H3, and H4 formatting for subheadings wherever appropriate.

No more than 300 words in between each subheading,

Add bulleted lists, wherever possible to break up dense chunks,

If you’re including images, please make sure that  all images are copyright free and will not attract any copyright penalty and are free to use, edit, share, etc. and also add the image source.

Author bio, Share a short and punchy byline for your bio.

Include a link to your Website and your social media profile in the google doc.

Give us a profile headshot image in JPG or PNG format or share your gravatar link.

Guest Post review process: 

Once we receive your guest post submission, we take 6-12 business days to review it.

If your article meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, 

we will respond to you to let you know when your article will be published. Or We’ll let you know even otherwise.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit your submission. We’ll review it, suggest/make any changes if needed, and then publish it.

If we feel your post needs substantial changes, we’ll email you back with our thoughts and request for revision.

If your post is accepted, you agree not to publish the post elsewhere, including your own blog or website.

In the case your post is rejected, you are obviously free to do whatever you want with it.

Thank you for your interest in shark decor, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Guest Post Guidelines

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